Piece of fabric I brought at Patchwork on Central Park in East Malvern:


Might make a cushion!


Green Parrot Fabric Collage

Crabman! from Tokyo flea market

Hello Kitty

What has Kitty been up to lately?

Napping on a chair …

or napping in a box…

But Minnie has been in a rowboat!


We loved Japan when we went there in November last year. I bought lots of fabric -Kimono, obi, pieces of antique fabric and new designs. Japan is the most beautiful place and the cultural traditions of fabric design are fascinating.


Flea markets are the best place to see and buy fabric and clothing in Japan. We went to one in Kyoto at Tofu-Ji temple. It was spectacular. It’s best to go early because it got very very busy.

I made cushions from obi that I bought from this flea market (for AUD$10!). They had to be unpicked then pieced together. I should have unpicked them and taken out the lining before I packed them – it would have reduced the weight of our luggage a lot!

also brought some Japanese anime figures

More photos of fab Japanese stuff to follow!


finished 3 quilts lately …

coin quilt

a cute baby quilt

and one for me – tulips with blue border

Christmas Craft

Kitty likes to sit under the tree in a pile of purple tinsel!

I made some doves and owls for the tree this year.

The cutest Kristmas Kitty!